Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Valance made with a sheet in 30 minutes

Have you ever looked at the prices of curtains? They can be rather pricey,  I don't want to pay prices  like that for curtains.

I was in a store the other day looking in the clearance section and found a twin sheet on sale for two dollars, I thought wow this pattern will go perfectly in my kitchen. The sheet is big enough to make more than one valance. So, I can make some curtains or whatever out of the rest of it.

Pinned for hem
Making a valance out of a sheet is very easy. First I folded the sheet length wise, then at the top of sheet ,where it has a hem already, I measured 16 inches and marked it with a cloth marker. I made several marks, then I cut it out. The hem that is already in the sheet will be the bottom of the valance. I measured for a 1 inch hem where I cut the sheet all the way across, then I pinned it. I made a simple stitch with the sewing machine all across where I had it pinned. Then I measured from the hem I just made two inches, I pinned that all across it. I sewed it all across where I had pinned it. Now you have made a 2 inch pocket to put your curtain rod in.
Top of sheet/bottom of valance

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