Friday, March 6, 2015

Faux painting with glaze

Have you ever faux painted? It is so easy to do. You just have to have an imagination and a paint brush.

A few weeks ago I painted my night stands, I found it hard to pick a color that i wanted to paint them. I have an oak bedroom suit and my night stands were just primed pine. So, i thought wow I can faux paint them to bring everything together.

There are many different kinds of faux finishing. When painting the night stands I chose to use glaze. When using glaze you will need at least 2 different paint colors, you can use more than 2 if you prefer.

I picked 2 dark colors, chocolate brown and a mustard color. I painted the night stands a chocolate brown color. When the paint was dry to the touch, I mixed the mustard color paint with some glaze and gave it a stir. I used a small container. You don't need to mix a large amount, it will go along way. Then I took  my paint brush and daubed the mustard color all over the top of the night stand. It looked kind of messy. I took a plastic bag, any type will do, and I started daubing the paint over the entire top. Then I mixed some glaze with the chocolate brown color and continued with the same process. You don't need to let the paint dry in between applications ( when faux finishing) , you want the paint to blend together wet. When I was done the top of the night stand looked like a piece of leather. It was beautiful.

I always use a high quality paint brush. I prefer to use a purdy paint brush. The better the paint brush the better the paint job. Good paint brushes are pricey, so you will want clean them after each use. When I clean my paint brushes, I rinse them in hot water to get out as much paint as I can, then I squirt Dawn dishwashing liquid on them and let them soak for a few minutes. When they are done soaking I rinse them in hot water. I lay them out to dry, after they dry I put them back in their covers.

What you will need for this project:

2 paint brushes ( you can use 1, but clean brush after each use)
2 colors of paint
2 plastic bags (one for each color)

All these products can be bought at your local Home Depot store 



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